Red Space (2014)


Installation, multimedia, digital art, 3D, VR

“The world of death, virtual life and eternality”

The fear of death, the fear of losing a beautiful moment, has been a dominant force in my life. It is a fear that is not mine alone but of all human beings, a fear that cannot be easily dismissed or overlooked.

Over the years, I have labored to find a way to express the concepts of death and eternality. I have produced “9 deaths”, “Your first memory project”, and “Kill the red” as attempts to do this, and even some parts of the “Magic potion performance” connect to this theme. Even projects that don’t appear directly connected to the concept of death, such as my “Wonderland projects”, express the desire to seek out beautiful moments, memories that are lost in time.

After spending years exploring this theme and struggling with my inner fears, I have decided to create my own virtual world to express my idealistic paradise, not only visually but also conceptually. If, for example, I want to create “shelter” in this world, I must do more than create a warm and visually comfortable space. I must also search for the meaning of “comfort” for those who would live in that space.

As a first step, last year I began to convert myself into an avatar in the virtual world, using a 3D scanner. I scanned myself into my own avatar because I believe the world does not exist before the ego. So I convert myself and define myself as the god of my world.

After placing myself in this virtual world, the next step is to convert essential items into their virtual counterparts, such as shelter, the rule of no law, communication materials (such as friends, family, lovers), and environments. This little world will be based on both classic legends and my imagination.

All this research will be used as reference, because cyberspace concepts are free from the physical limitations of the real world. In addition to study and research, I will incorporate my personal experiences, imagination, and daydreams of “my idealistic paradise”. It is a world I make and remake, and as I define myself first as the god of this world, it can only be a self-centred and personal project—what I want, what I do not want, what I want to delete from the world I experience now. So, following this research, the actual process of creating the world will depend on my imagination.

Also, as part of this project, since my world develops inside of a virtual world, I will reconvert material from the virtual world into the real world and blend the real and unreal. In other words, the world of virtual reality I create will come into physical space again and break down the wall between “real space” and “imaginary space”.

One more example: I reprinted my scanned head and made it into a 3d object. Now two heads exist in the real world. This sort of process will be repeated to erase the concept of “reality”.